A story should have an atmosphere you connect to, with vibes and emotional energy

Always in the service to the story, Flemming is a cinematographer with an acute attention to visual emotion and sensitivity. His calm & conscientious nature is always open for spontaneity by thinking bold, original and inventive. With over twenty years behind the camera Flemming is a versatile dp who has lensed intimate character drama to action.


His feature work includes, thriller NO FIXED ABODE starring Patrick Baladi, directed by Steve Rainbow and the action/crime PUSHER directed by Assad Raja, an Asian remake of the Danish cult film by Nicolas Winding Refn.

Recent projects are; The multi-award winning, HATE directed by Mustapha Kseibati & Humza Arshad, a short drama on hate crime and the psychological thriller LOCK IN by director Neville Pierce, starring; Lucy Boynton, Nicholas Pinnock and Tim McInnerny.


Flemming tends to work in low light with a relatively minimal lighting package. He plans for spontaneity with 360ยบ coverage, which increase the workflow and gives the actors freedom to find their performance within the space. Being nimble helps everyone, not just budget but the director in turn around time.


A native of Denmark, Flemming co-founded a stunts & special effects company before moving to Britain to work on films like Da Vinci Code & Eragon. Leaving behind the world of action, he spent the next decade learning how to use a light meter, lensing many short films, music videos and commercials, naturally transitioning into a cinematographer.


EU passport holder. German, Danish fluently. BFI Network | BAFTA Crew 2018/21. Lives in London with his partner and daughter.