A story should have an atmosphere you connect to, with vibes and emotional energy.

Flemming is the kind of cinematographer - perhaps with a stoic approach, who always strives to have a greater understanding for a story and its emotional content. His sensibility to visual structure is to light & lens strong images that don't lose their power, with poetic anchors that gives it character and gets into the fabric of the story.


His feature film work includes; NO FIXED ABODE a thriller starring Patrick Baladi, directed by Steve Rainbow (DVD) and PUSHER a crime/action directed by Assad Raja (US/UK theatrical release).

The multi-award winning short; HATE directed by Mustapha Kseibati & Humza Arshad and psychological thriller LOCK IN by director Neville Pierce, starring;

Lucy Boynton, Nicholas Pinnock and Tim McInnerny.


Flemming also shot a music documentary with director Tim Pope for THE CURE, on their South American tour, but don't get him or Tim started on that...


As a native of Denmark, with over 20 years in the industry Flemming began in Copenhagen doing stunts on Danish films & TV, but compelled to be international he moved the UK to work on films like Da Vinci Code & Eragon.

Leaving behind the world of action, he worked in TV as a cameraman (Reuters, BBC, ITV),  whilst spending the next decade lensing many short films, documentaries, music videos and commercials, naturally transitioning into a cinematographer on indie features.


UK Residence. Danish passport. Speaks English, German and Danish. Bafta Crew 2018-22. Flemming bakes his own bread, makes sushi, carry black belt in karate and is a former ski instructor. He lives in London with his partner and daughter.