A story should have an atmosphere you connect to, with vibes and emotional energy

Growing up on an island, far out in the Danish Baltic Sea - with its dark granite cliffs, strong winds and myths of Trolls, probably provided Flemming with an innate background and mindset for visual story telling. He is the kind of cinematographer that strives to have a greater understanding for the story and its emotional content, that can transfer into the right visual structure for the story.


NO FIXED ABODE a thriller starring Patrick Baladi, directed by Steve Rainbow and PUSHER a crime/action directed by Assad Raja.

Recent projects are; The multi-award winning; HATE directed by Mustapha Kseibati & Humza Arshad, a short drama on hate crime.

Psychological thriller LOCK IN by director Neville Pierce, starring; Lucy Boynton, Nicholas Pinnock and Tim McInnerny.

Flemming also shot a music documentary with director Tim Pope for The Cure's South American tour, but don't get him or Tim started on that...


A native of Denmark, Flemming's film career began in stunts co-founding a Danish stunts & special effects company, before moving to Britain to work on films like Da Vinci Code & Eragon. Leaving behind the world of action, he spent the next decade learning how to use a light meter, lensing many short films, music videos and commercials, naturally transitioning into a cinematographer.


EU passport. UK Residence. Speaks English, German and Danish. Lives in London.